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Industrial grease gun 2, HHFP
with ZBH, connection G 1/8''
Item number: 12 698 125
Price: on application
EAN 4103810429880   (1 Stück)
Discount group A
Price on application
Technical data
Grease gun connection, pressure-side through a steel adaptor:
G 1/8''
Filling nipple and ventilating valve:
M 10 x 1
Capacity (cm³):
Refilling options:
400 g grease cartridge, DIN 1284, grease gun filling system or bulk grease
Diameter of grease piston (mm):
Grease pump piston actuation:
manually lever operated
Delivery rate/stroke (cm³):
proportional to the manual lever operating distance, max. 1,4
Discharge pressure up to (bar):
up to 400 bar
Burst pressure system (bar):
Burst pressure grease gun head (bar):
1200 bar
Operation of plunger rod:
with T-grip
Sealing cover:
Wall thickness of grease gun tube (mm):
  • with 1 high pressure hose, G 1/8", 11 x 300 mm
  • With 1 spout, angled, G 1/8'', 150 mm
  • With 2 precision machined couplers, 4 jaws, G 1/8''
  • Sales package, with Bar code
Important features
  • Posi Lok
  • Variable Stroke System
  • Operates with greases up to NLGI grade 2.
  • Designed for use in rough conditions, wall thickness grease gun tube: 1 mm
  • plunger with exactly fitting when using bulk grease or cartridge
  • acc. to DIN 1283
  • TÜV - certified
  • pump piston with high accuracy of fit to the cylinder
  • No dummy (apparent) lubrication. Sealing system: O-ring and ball valve prevent grease compressed in the grease gun head from feeding back.
  • Performance unchanged after 5000 actuating cycles
  • Separate filling and ventilation valves on grease gun head
  • Grease gun head, zinc die casting Z 410
  • sure grip handling due to deep band knurls
  • Slip resistant handle on grease gun lever
  • The ergonomic handle of the plunger rod assists in overcoming the spring load
  • Enables even under extreme backpressure, a variable lubrication pressure with steady effort applied
  • Allows lubrication in difficult to reach locations because the smallest lever operation results in grease being pumped reliably to the lubrication point.
  • Plunger rod clamp on end cap enables manual pressure to be applied to spring to compress bulk grease, or to force in the plunger in damaged cartridges.
  • High-speed ventilation, by half a rotation of the grease gun tube
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